Comfort, technology and design for your blinds and curtains

home automation or the Internet of things (IoT) is increasingly present in our daily lives. Now it is the turn of the interior decoration. Blinds , blinds , blinds or a projection screen for our home theater can be automated and controlled by our Smartphone, Tablets or directly by our favorite voice assistant.

NEROXDOMO unites motorization and Wi-Fi control to achieve a smart, connected home without sacrificing the most current style and design you are looking for. Without great costs, or complicated installations and most importantly, with all the guarantees.

The NEROXDOMO motorization system for curtains and roller blinds is the easiest and fastest solution to turn your home into a more comfortable accessible place. Discover all the motorization options on our website and start enjoying the future now.

Forget about cables

The NEROXDOMO system does not need electrical installation, you can adapt it to your roller blinds * and you can control your curtains from an elegant remote control or directly from your mobile or tablet. In addition, the Wifi controller NEROXDOMO is compatible with voice assistants Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home.

Our motors do not need a complex installation, nor do they need to be connected to the current continuously. Nothing is as simple as installing a motorized blind without cables and via radio.

NEROXDOMO motors are charged through a USB port. After a first full charge of 6 hours, you will have your curtain or blind ready for more than 700 cycles, that is, an autonomy of a whole year with an average of 2 rises and 2 falls per day. Once charged, don't worry and take care of your motorized blind.

* Consult your professional about the profile diameter of your blind.


The NEROXDOMO motor catalog covers all the solutions you may need. Roller blinds , traditional blinds and awnings , standard or special, electric or autonomous. The NEROXDOMO motors adapt perfectly to any model, making installation quick and easy.

In addition, the family of NEROXDOMO motors is designed to achieve maximum compatibility with the MELGAR PRO and MELGAR PLUS , the leading systems in roller blind mechanization. Which provides higher quality and the guarantee of a leading brand in the interior decoration sector.