all the answers 

to our customers


all the answers 

to our customers

Limits are the positions where the motor stops. There are two: one for opening and one for closing.
Intermediate positions are optional stops that can be programmed between the limits. For example: half open blind.


We would suggest a 45 mm motor of 10 or 20 Nm, taking into consideration the total weight of the blind.

Yes, the motor stops when reaches a limit of internal temperature or when is working more than four minutes.

Yes, you can install it on a roller blind up to 2,5 m wide.

It depends on how you use it, but it is usually every 6 months.

Motor COMPACT remains completely hidden into the tube, so there is no gap between the fabric and the bracket.


Of course, if all the motors are in the same home al least one charger is required. If you need more chargers you can contact your local distributor.

It's possible to make curtains up to 11,75 m, with a maximum weight of 100 kg.

All our remote controls are compatible with all NEROXDOMO motors and automatisms

Nevaluz Valencia will inform you of your closest provider.

5-year warranty for motors and accesories, and two years for electronic components.

Most of the stores where you can buy our products make the complete blind or curtain.
If not, contact us and we will find the closest one for you.

Sure, we have accessories in white, beige, gray and black on most models.

No, there are tubes and boxes that work with up to 3 different brackets.
Make sure which model it is to see which ones are compatible.

Our ECO motors would be fully compatible

focused to all motors in the best way, so that the control signal can reach them.


The app name is Orvibo Home. Available for Android ( HERE ) and IOS ( HERE )

Yes, using our WIFI module the motores can be controlled by Smarphone or Tablet.

Yes, through our WIFI module  they can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

No, even the power goes out the programming of the motor is not erased.

No, as we have several remote control models (including multi-channel), the remote control will be programmed by the installer.

In "continuous mode" the motor runs continuously until the limit after receiving an order.
In "pulse mode" the motor makes a small displacement (approximately 3 cm) when receiving an order.

modos pulso y continuo

Yes, you just have to program each motor with the same remote control or channel.

No, programation is recorded in the motor internal memory.

The only thing that changes is the Accessories Kit that you must use to install it, at NEROXDOMO we have one of the widest ranges of accessories on the market.

Yes, you will only have to install a Radio receiver, so you can use any of our remote controls and home automation accessories.

Yes, we have a Group controller that allows them to run simultaneously.

Of course, there are several options: with our Radio switch, using the low voltage input, with Radio receivers, etc.
Ask us.

Yes, is very easy:

  1. Go to the number of channels you want.
  2. Press button "stop" + "right arrow" simultaneously for 5 seconds.


Yes, you can add or remove remote controls or channels to the motor memory, to create the configuration that best suits your needs.
Consult the manual that came with the motor.

100 meters, but that distance is been reduced if there are walls or obstacle between the remote control and the motor.

The Kit depends mainly on the type of tube and brackets or box that you are going to use.
If in doubt, check with your local provider first.

Sure, we have accessories in white, beige, grey and black on most models.